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Class Intercom Named Official Technology Platform for Digital4Good and #ICANHELP

By February 28, 20233 min read

LINCOLN, Nebraska—Class Intercom, the leading social media management platform for schools and school districts, has been named the official technology platform for Digital4Good and #ICANHELP. In joining forces, the organizations look to make an even bigger impact on students and in schools nationwide by making digital citizenship more impactful and accessible. 

#ICANHELP–a nationwide movement to promote digital citizenship and create a safe and more responsible online community–will hold its annual Digital4Good Summit March 12th and 13th in Santa Monica, California. The Digital4Good Summit is an annual event that celebrates students using digital technology to make a positive impact in their communities by shining a spotlight on innovation and leadership. Through a nomination process, the Summit recognizes and celebrates ten outstanding student innovators. Each student is then paired with an industry mentor who aims to develop and advance the students’ projects, advocacy work, and overall goals. The summit draws a massive audience of viewers both on site and at watch parties nationwide, where it is live-streamed to additional viewers thanks to support from Class Intercom. 

As a social media management tool built for schools, Class Intercom is fundamentally designed to be used by students and staff, as well as designated moderators at the school and/or district level. The result is a truly authentic learning experience and assessment tool that provides a safe and productive environment for skill building, storytelling, student voice, community building, and ultimately, cultivating digital citizenship. 

“We are thrilled to support #ICANHELP and Digital4Good’s very important work with students and schools,” says Class Intercom President Dr. Jill Johnson, herself a former teacher and administrator with 30-plus years of experience in classrooms and schools. “In combining efforts, we’re able to reach more students and instill digital citizenship in a more meaningful way.”

For Digital4Good and #ICANHELP, the partnership represents a strong alignment of values.

“Digital4Good shines a spotlight on student innovation and leadership to show the world just what kids and teens can do with the right tools,” says Kim Karr, the organization’s founder and CEO. “Class Intercom shares our values and vision, and our partnership helps us do exactly that.”

For more info on Digital4Good and #ICANHELP (or to register to attend the summit), visit www.icanhelp.net/digital4good.

About Class Intercom

Class Intercom’s social media and content management software helps schools and districts use social media more effectively. The platform empowers administrators, educators, and students by providing the tools schools need to collaborate across social channels in a way that gives voice to school experiences and ultimately helps prepare students to be the next generation of discerning and responsible digital citizens. Learn more at www.classintercom.com.

About Digital4Good

Digital4Good is our way of celebrating how our students can positively impact their communities using digital technology. Our Summit serves as a celebration of those amazing student innovators who continue to make a difference in their communities through technology and digital media to solve problems and advance the social, economic, environmental, and educational causes of our world today.


Danica McAdam at ChicExecs PR on behalf of Digital4Good
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Jill Johnson, EdD at Class Intercom
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