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Content Generation Award Winner – Doug Mahoney

By March 8, 20213 min read

As a collaborative social media management platform for schools, Class Intercom has seen first hand the impact educators are making through social media. As much of the world went virtual in the last year, we saw educators getting more creative than ever.

The Content Generation award was created to recognize outstanding educators across the country making a difference with their students and communities using social media. Class Intercom would like to congratulate our 2021 runner-up Doug Mahoney from Malcolm Public Schools in Malcolm, NE. Here is how Mahoney is making a difference.

Mahoney commonly starts his day with the sentence, “I have an idea…” and rushes to tell his student team of content creators. Nominated by Malcolm High School junior Braxton Dalton, he shares how Mahoney’s impact on students started with a podcast.

Mahoney has led his students to create some incredible content over the years. It all began when his students created the “Clippers from Nebraska” podcast. The podcast is entirely created and produced by students.

Mr. Mahoney (left) is the co-leader of Malcolm social content with Mr. Klepper (right).

“Students were featured in the podcast from all facets of the school population, with a focus on having students hear who might not otherwise have a voice,” Dalton said.

With the success of “Clippers from Nebraska,” Mahoney then oversaw the beginning of a new student podcast titled “6 Guys Talking.” This podcast focused on students discussing popular culture.

The production of the podcast brought together many different student strengths.

“A student wrote the theme song and our high school choir sang it which added to some unexpected interaction with the students,” Dalton said.

The show encourages students around the school to engage in dialogue around the different popular culture subjects. It gives students a voice and something to talk about, whether they agreed with the podcasters or hold different views.

Taking on a new challenge this school year, Mahoney’s team launched a vlog called “Malcolm Castaways” where students interview individuals from outside their community on various topics.

“We have interviewed people from all over the world and are able to share their stories with our audience,” Dalton said. “The student population has been very interested in who is being interviewed, and when they can see the final product.”

Mahoney has definitely made a lasting impact on his students. “Mr. Mahoney has taught and inspired me to do so many amazing things, not only content-related but also life tips,” Dalton said.

“Mr. Mahoney is a fun and energetic teacher who is always open to helping any student with any new ideas or projects,” student content creator Hana Maddox adds.

Students and staff all have high praise for the team’s endeavors, so the future looks bright for this team of content creators under the direction of Mahoney.