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Class Intercom + Digital4Good

By March 14, 20233 min read

Class Intercom is Proud to be the Official Tech Platform of Digital4Good

As one of the leading voices in cyberbullying, student wellness, and digital citizenship, Digtial4Good and #ICANHELP are valued partners of Clas Intercom. The partnership aligns both mission-driven organizations to help educate more students, staff, and school communities on the importance of speaking up and speaking out against cyberbullying. In joining forces, the two organizations are also able to provide not only crucial training and programming for students and staff, but a safe and secure learning environment for using social media and online platforms for good.

Key Benefits

  • The best of both worlds: A framework for teaching and practicing digital citizenship in schools and a robust social media management platform that lets students and staff put what they learn to great use for their schools and school communities. 
  • Class Intercom is proud to support the accessibility of Digital4Good and #ICANHELP’s annual summit by facilitating live-streaming for its main event and watch parties across the nation. 
  • Class Intercom provides schools with an authentic assessment tool for digital citizenship, especially as it relates to social media.

About Digital4Good & #ICANHELP

After an incident on social media targeted a school teacher and spread like wildfire, #ICANHELP was dreamed into fruition to ensure nothing like that would happen again. A 501(c)3, the organization actively develops online safety, digital wellness, digital citizenship, and positivity programs to train students on how to be Digital First Responders. Since 2013, #ICANHELP has trained thousands of students as part of its mission to empower students and educators around the globe to use Digital4Good.

The Digital4Good Summit celebrates and demonstrates how students can positively impact their communities using digital technology. The Summit serves as a celebration of those amazing student innovators who continue to make a difference in their communities through technology and digital media to solve problems and advance the social, economic, environmental, and educational causes of our world today.

Events & Collaborations

Digital4Good Annual Summit

Celebrating Youth Innovation  |  Santa Monica, CA
The Digital4Good Summit is an annual event that celebrates students using digital technology to make a positive impact in their communities by shining a spotlight on innovation and leadership.

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Nonprofit Leader & Former Educator Talks Using Digital for Good

Catch this interview with Kim Karr, founder of Digital4Good and #ICANHELP for her take on leading, educating, and engaging students and educators on digital safety, wellness, and citizenship.

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Class Intercom Named Official Technology Platform for Digital4Good and #ICANHELP

Learn more about the partnership between Class Intercom and Digital4Good through the organizations’ official joint announcement.

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