Class Intercom Training & Support Infrastructure

We know schools and districts have diverse needs when it comes to training, support, and ongoing materials and programs. Our approach is to meet every school where they are, with powerful tools and knowledgeable staff and ambassadors passionate about helping students, educators, and school communities build a thriving digital presence–whether your school is a rural charter school or one of the largest public school districts in the country.

Ambassador Program

Class Intercom ambassadors have a uniquely high level of experience and passion building, growing, and leading student-led social media programs for schools and districts, making them an invaluable resource.

Online Certification Program

Get users acclimated to social media content creation with two levels of Class Intercom Certifications. This allows schools to streamline the training and onboarding of large groups of users at the beginning or end of a school year or semester.

Student-Focused Online Academy

This unique program is designed to help students learn, practice, and become content creators who make an impact on their communities. The Academy’s lessons and assessments help students learn and understand the power of social media and the importance of being good digital citizens.

Student-Centered Workshop

Focusing on digital content creation across social channels, the annual Content Generation Workshop (CGW) connects students from across the country and delves into a range of topics from engagement to visual branding and from video production to copywriting.

Downloadable Resource Library

Whether it’s guided practice or a content planning visual, an example of school brand guidelines or a district-level social media policy template–sometimes you just need to be able to download it and get going!

Webinars & Podcasts

Attracting thought leaders from across the sector, including communications professionals, educators, administrators, authors, edtech builders, and civic leaders–our free webinars and podcasts aim to create spaces for invaluable discourse.

Classroom Materials & Lessons

This content is produced by innovative educators, for innovative educators to instill and reinforce digital citizenship as students navigate a complex online world that regularly prompts them to create and engage with content in public forums.

Timely Sector Research

The annual Social Media in Education report surveys professionals from across the education sector on topics like active social media channels, budgeting for digital, admin access and permissions, archival and records retention, student-generated content, engagement, and more.

Training & Onboarding

In-house training and support specialists ensure that accounts and brands are structured effectively, channels are authenticated, and access permissions for users (including students, staff, and communication professionals) are accurate and accessible. Our in-house customer success team is here to help with everything from technical support to larger-scale strategy.