Capstone Project Option Three


Build a Social Media Strategy

Building a comprehensive social media strategy is easier than you might think–especially with guidance on thinking through every component piece. Capstone option three provides exactly that.

Choose this option if:

  • Your social media strategy could use an overhaul.
  • Your school has a problem with rogue social media accounts and/or secure access to accounts.
  • Your school or district prohibits or severely limits student participation in content creation.

Project Elements 

Your project should include the following elements. 

  • An account structure overview. This is a simple, one-page document that shows how your accounts will be set up, including: 
    • How Brands and Sub-Brands will be nested and structured 
    • An action plan for identifying and consolidating rogue accounts 
    • An outline of user access permissions (i.e. creators versus moderators and the expectations for each role)
  • A strategic plan or outline. This could be in one of several formats, including a slide deck presentation for your board. It should include:
    • An implementation and execution timeline with short- and long-term goals 
    • A look at where social media falls into other communications and broader strategic planning.   
  • A content calendar. This could live in Class Intercom’s calendar interface or another central calendar document. Start with high-level events and activities, then overlay updates and information from different departments and groups as needed to loosely slate posts into an overarching plan. Consider how far ahead you’ll plan–perhaps monthly or quarterly. 
  • Official policies and language for your pages and school’s social media, including direction for community members on what’s allowed and what is not. 
  • Guidelines documents for creators and moderators. Include: 
    • A simple outline of do’s and don’ts 
    • Direction on where and how to use school colors, logos, photography, and other design elements



  1. Consider the perspectives, voices, and stories you identified in the reflection questions for Learning Module One. 
  2. Outline recruitment plans for content creators and moderators. 
    • Who will create content, how often, and using what direction and guidelines? 
    • Who will review and approve content, how often, and using what guidelines? 
  3. Consider a posting schedule for each channels. 
    • What are your goals for content and for each channel? 
    • What cadence (i.e. frequency) will you post on each channel? 
    • How will 
  4. What policies will govern your school’s social media strategy? Refer to examples of policies for some ideas on what to include and consider where these policies will be stored (we recommend on each page and in a central knowledgebase internal to your school or district). 
  5. Are there rogue accounts out there and how will you reign them in? 
    • How will you get buy-in from peers and leaders on the need for reigning them in? 
    • How will you present the need to reign in rogue accounts to admins passionate about running them?

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