Capstone Project Option Four


Build your Own Capstone

Earn professional development credit and your official Class Intercom Ambassador credentials in exchange for work on a specific past or future project benefitting your school or district. Capstone option four makes this possible. 

Choose this option if:

  • You have something specific in mind that would advance your school or district’s social media program forward.
  • You have recently launched or completed an innovative initiative related to one or several of the Class Intercom Pedagogy Pillars.
  • You have a unique challenge or goal in your district that can be addressed through your school or district’s approach to social media.

Project Elements 

Your project should include the following elements. 

  • Submit a one-page proposal for your capstone project that includes a brief outline of your proposed project and its component elements, plus an explanation of why this project has or would add value to your school, district, or organization and its stakeholders. 
  • The elements of your project will be determined through the proposal and approval process.

Program Overview

Learning Modules

Capstone Project

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Receive $50


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