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School Spotlight: Seward Public Schools

By January 7, 20192 min read

School: Seward Public Schools

Location: Seward, NE

Enrollment: 1,400 Students

Website: https://www.sewardpublicschools.org/

Social Media Profiles

Facebook: Seward Public Schools
Twitter: @SewardBlueJays
Instagram: @shsbluejays

In this School Spotlight, we interviewed Rebekah Klenke, senior, and Bryson Janousek, senior, who are students at Seward High School. Rebekah and Bryson are Class Intercom social media interns who were both students seeking more knowledge about how social media can impact their career paths in the future. Jill Johnson, their Assistant Principal, and Class Intercom Sponsor, also weighs in on the impacts that Class Intercom has had on their school.

How Class Intercom has helped Seward Public Schools empower students to create social content?

It’s prompted me to really think about what I say on social media. Everyone talks about your digital footprint, and it’s so real. You have to be aware of what you’re posting. Before Class Intercom, I was aware of certain people being able to see it, but since starting CI it has made me extremely aware of who’s seeing it and the wording I’m choosing. -Rebekah

What problem has Class Intercom helped you solve?

It has helped us come up with a unified brand. We used to have a Facebook page for elementary, and high school. Then we had multiple Twitter pages, but they mostly just covered athletics. Then we had a lot of other Twitter accounts. Legally, that became a big issue because there were so many passwords, and we wanted everyone to be on the same page with the same positive message. Class Intercom gives us one unified brand that we can be proud of.

When did you realize you needed a product like Class Intercom?

We have so many stories to tell and so many perspectives to share and we have this ability to get all perspectives by having students in each area of the school. Everyone feels like their story is being told, and because we have representation from all these different groups, no one feels like their story isn’t being shared. Class Intercom allows us to have everyone be in the spotlight.

Three ways Class Intercom has improved your school’s social media?

1. We built a unified brand.
2. We are provided the opportunity to share a variety of perspectives and stories from students.
3. We have learned the value of responsibility and respect on social media.