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School Social Media on the Road: Upcoming Events & Conferences

By October 19, 20226 min read

Education conventions, conferences, workshops, and summits are a chance for people with diverse perspectives to connect on key issues facing our schools. Certainly, school social media is central to many of our most pressing challenges and opportunities. Here at Class Intercom, social media is our thing, and we’re eager to listen, learn, contribute, and collaborate. This fall, we’re joining the conversation with schools, districts, and thought leaders about everything from student journalism and storytelling to innovative teaching methodologies and effective restorative practice. 

In the months ahead, here’s where you can catch us living out our mission: to provide schools with the tools and support they need to use, model, and teach social media in impactful and authentic ways. 

KanSPRA Fall Conference

October 20-21, 2022 in Maize, Kansas 

Hosted by the Kansas School Public Relations Association (a chapter of the National School Public Relations Association), the 2022 KanSPRA Fall Conference offers PR professionals and school administrators valuable networking opportunities and a look at the latest communications tools.

Class Intercom President, Jill Johnson, EdD, will speak on the power of social media as a collaborative storytelling tool and offer practical tips for empowering students and staff to tell more authentic stories. 

Jill Johnson presenting to a room full of students.

MoSPRA Fall Conference 

October 27-28, 2022 in Independence, Missouri 

Hosted by the Missouri School Public Relations Association (another NSPRA chapter), the 2022 MoSPRA Fall Conference brings together communications professionals from across Missouri. Breakout sessions include topics with substantial crossover into social media such as emergency communications and visual design best practices using accessible tools like Canva. Look for Dr. Jill in a gold-mining session for vendors and school PR professionals.

Room full of students at the content generation conference

Content Generation Workshop

November 1, 2022 in Lincoln, Nebraska (or virtual) 

Now in its third year, the Content Generation Workshop (hosted by Class Intercom) brings students and educators from schools and districts across the country together for an immersive day of in-person and virtual lessons, seminars, and project-based learning about digital content creation and media management. The workshop will delve into a range of topics, including building engaging social media campaigns, best practices for graphics and visual branding, the ins and outs of photo and video production, and tips and tricks for better copywriting. Attendees will hear from thought leaders such as Natalie Micale, CEO of web design and branding agency Oh Hello!, and Scott Henderson, Managing Principal and Venture Studio Lead at NMotion, a mentorship-driven startup accelerator within the Global Accelerator Network. 

Learn more and register here

Tapping into Social Media for School Fundraising Webinar

November 2, 2022 at 11 a.m. CDT 

When it comes to capturing the attention of businesses, community members, and individual donors and gaining their support, social media presents some unique opportunities and advantages. In this webinar, Class Intercom’s Ben Pankonin hosts nonprofit veteran and EdTech leader Randy Hawthorne, Product Manager at tuition management platform FACTS. We’ll talk about the unique fundraising challenges and opportunities facing schools with key insights from Randy’s decades of experience building and innovating at the intersection of fundraising, education, and technology. 

Learn more and register here

Fall Ed Tech Conference 

November 7, 2022 in Kearney, Nebraska 

Hosted by Nebraska Educational Technology Association and Nebraska Council of School Administrators, the 2022 Nebraska Fall Ed Conference centers the conversation around what the classroom looks like when we focus on the needs of our future students. Breakout sessions and seminars focus specifically on the use of technology in education. 

As social media continues to become a central source of information sharing, community building, branding, and communication, it will certainly be a topic of discussion. Dr. Jill will co-present with high school principal Scott Axt on building skills following social media infractions. Their discussion will center on teaching students authentic digital citizenship, engaging students in authentic social media production, and the positive outcomes and repaired relationships that come from these approaches. 

JEA/NSPA National National High School Journalism Convention 

November 10-13, 2022 in St. Louis, Missouri 

Sponsored by the Journalism Education Association and its partner, the National Scholastic Press Association, this semiannual convention brings together thousands of high school journalists and advisors. It includes practical and professional learning sessions, keynotes, problem-solving breakouts, hands-on workshops, and discussion groups. JEA also hosts on-site National Student Media Contests as well as a Best of Show contest, awards, critiques, and career roundtables.

Breakout sessions cover hot journalism topics like ethics and law, technology and design, advertising and business operations, photography and art. They’ll include hands-on sessions from Dr. Jill on empowering a team of content creators and the power of storytelling through social media. 

Jill speaking with two teachers at a conference booth

WSPRA Fall Conference 

November 16-18, 2022 in Elkhart Lake, Wisconsin 

Hosted by the Wisconsin School Public Relations Association (an NSPRA chapter), the upcoming fall conference will feature numerous speakers and thought leaders in the Wisconsin education community. Speakers will present on a range of topics as part of keynotes, breakout sessions, and roundtable sessions. 

School social media will certainly cross into a number of presentations and themes, including transparency, community engagement, and storytelling. Be sure to catch Dr. Jill’s presentation on collaborative content creation. 

Innovative Schools Summit

December 1-4, 2022 in San Antonio, Texas (or virtual) 

This annual summit brings together schools, vendors, and thought leaders to discuss themes across four individual conferences: Innovative Teaching Strategies, At-Risk & Struggling Students, School Discipline, and School Climate & Culture Forum. Hosted by AccuTrain, which provides developmental resources for teachers to respond to the evolving needs of today’s students, the summit’s key topics intersect closely with Class Intercom’s pedagogy. Dr. Jill will speak on taking an innovative and intentional approach to restorative practice in her session: Restore Relationships & Build Skills Following Social Media Infractions. 

Jill speaking with an educator at a conference booth

School Social Media Legal Risks & Challenges Webinar 

November 30, 2022 at 3:30 p.m. CDT  

From official district policies and fake accounts to FOIA requests and First Amendment rights, school social media management can present some unique and pressing legal challenges. Class Intercom’s Dr. Jill Johnson will host attorneys Bobby Truhe and Karen Haase of KSB School Law for an in-depth discussion of the most current and pressing legal risks and challenges facing schools–especially when it comes to social media. KSB School Law, which serves schools ESUs (Education Service Unites), and others in the sector, will tap into its tenured history in the space to provide actionable takeaways for educators and administrators–including what you need to know to keep your staff and students safe. 

NE Principals Conference 

December 7-8, 2022 in Lincoln, Nebraska 

Hosted by Nebraska Council of School Administrators, the NE Principals Conference brings together elementary, middle, and high school principals from across the state. The conference will include networking opportunities and breakout sessions where attendees have a chance to collaborate on the latest challenges and solutions in principalship. Class Intercom will discuss the latest in school social media and how technology is helping schools and districts make school social media safer, more powerful, and more productive.


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