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Funding is a crucial need for both public and private schools. From business partnerships and booster clubs to individual legacy donors, these dollars contribute to technology upgrades, curriculum advancements, facilities improvements, skill-building opportunities, and more. When it comes to capturing the attention of businesses, community members, and individual donors and gaining their support, social media presents some unique opportunities and advantages.

In this webinar, Class Intercom’s Ben Pankonin hosts nonprofit veteran and EdTech leader Randy Hawthorne, Product Manager at FACTS (a K-12 solution for tuition management, student information, and fundraising).

We’ll talk about the unique fundraising challenges and opportunities facing schools with key insights from Randy’s decades of experience innovating at the intersection of fundraising, education, and technology.

Key Takeaways:

  1. How to build successful fundraising campaigns 
  2. The importance of engaging the community and how to do it effectively
  3. Developing connections with alumni (and how to steward them as donors)

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