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School Social Media Content for Summer: 15 Fun Ideas for Schools & Districts

By June 21, 20237 min read

School’s out; PR is in. In fact, summer is an especially fun time to incorporate different types of content into your school or district’s social media calendar. Telling great stories is what it’s all about on social, but sometimes–especially in the summer months–schools can get a little stumped when it comes to fresh ideas and interesting stories. Class Intercom has you covered. Here are 15 fun school social media content ideas to keep things interesting on Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, and Twitter this summer.

1. Summer Program Highlights  

Do quick Q&A sessions, video interviews, or quotes from students and staff running or participating in various summer enrichment programs, camps, and activities put on by your school. Prompt them to share their stories by asking about their favorite part about participating, what they’re learning, how they’re growing, how long they’ve participated, and the friends they’ve made. If you have an especially unique program–like language immersion courses, leadership workshops, specialized academic programs, test prep, or new student connection and orientation programs–be sure to spotlight them and emphasize their distinct advantages.

2. Alumni Stories 

Feature inspiring stories of former students who have achieved notable accomplishments during the summer months, such as internships, scholarships, or community service projects. Ask them about what they’re working on, what about the project/organization/work is most exciting, and what they expect to learn from it. It’s also a good idea to ask them about how their experience at your school may have contributed to the opportunity or their success overall.

3. Activities for Students & Families 

Making a few recommendations for local attractions, businesses, or events to check out can help strengthen relationships between your schools and their communities. Consider recommending fun and educational places for families to visit during the summer, such as museums, parks, libraries, or historical sites, emphasizing their educational value. If there is a summer series or special exhibit happening, highlight it by providing some context or history.

4. Student Spotlights

Student spotlights are always a good idea. Over summer, consider featuring students doing unique things, like backpacking through Europe or participating in community service efforts. It’s also a good idea to feature students having what might be considered fairly ordinary summers–working day jobs, tutoring, or playing sports–as this content is super relatable. 

5. Read & Watch List Recommendations 

Invite teachers and students to share their favorite summer reading lists, podcasts, documentaries, and shows. Consider polling your social media audiences on different channels, then doing a final poll with the winners. This is an easy way to spark conversation and get people engaged and involved. 

6. Wellness Tips

Provide wellness tips and resources to support students’ and families’ mental and physical well-being during the summer break, including mindfulness exercises, healthy recipes, or outdoor activities. This is a great time to tap athletes and coaches within your school community to share insights into their diet and training routines.

7. Throwbacks & Memories 

Share memorable photos, videos, or stories from previous summers, highlighting school events, field trips, or special moments that evoke nostalgia and positive vibes. Ask students and staff to submit their photos and memories to be shared on your school socials. This is a great way to put our compulsively shareable content while also speaking to the longevity of your school and the community it serves. Also, who doesn’t love a good mullet pic?

8. Showcase the Arts 

It’s not uncommon for scholarship contests and special awards to request submissions for art projects, written essays, and other arts and sciences projects during summer months. Be sure to keep your community informed about these deadlines on social media channels. One great way to do so is to tell stories about students entering them. Consider a quick interview or share an excerpt from the student’s work (with their permission), sharing more about both the opportunity and the incredible work your students are doing outside the classroom and celebrating their unique talents. 

9. Staff Appreciation

Spotlight the expertise and achievements of educators and faculty members. Feature their qualifications, specializations, and any recognition or awards they have received. This helps build trust and credibility among parents and prospective families, showcasing the school’s commitment to hiring experienced and knowledgeable educators. It’s also a great idea to show appreciation for school staff members who work during the summer, such as custodial staff, administrative personnel, or summer program coordinators, by highlighting their dedication and contributions. Try sharing a fun fact about the person or about the work they do. Ask some fun questions and post in a Q&A-style format, or simply share a quote about their most memorable experience, the most satisfying or fulfilling thing about their role, or their best work memory.

10. College Prep Tips

Provide guidance on college preparation during the summer, such as advice on researching colleges, writing application essays, or preparing for standardized tests. Be sure to keep your audience informed on upcoming test prep dates and deadlines, as well as resources available to them.

11. Acceptance Updates & Letters of Intent 

Be sure to celebrate and announce post-secondary milestones like acceptance into trade school, college acceptances, awarded scholarships, and letter or intent for graduating and soon-to-be-seniors. These types of accomplishments are something to celebrate and be proud of, and they also reflect positively on your school’s diverse student accomplishments.

12. Community involvement

It’s not uncommon for students and staff to be involved in unique volunteerism efforts, including caring for children, mission trips, goods drives, and other service work. Share these stories and experiences, soliciting photos and asking questions that prompt them to share. Be sure to provide some context, explaining more about the causes and communities being served. These stories showcase your school’s commitment to service and community work while at the same time spreading awareness for these causes and helping future projects gain support and momentum. 

13. Views & Sunsets 

Summer is the time for pink skies and green gardens. Encourage students and staff to snap and share photos when their summer travels take them to places that are especially dreamy. Consider sharing them with permission on your social channels to highlight the experience students and staff are having throughout the summer. 

14. Parent Feedback 

Request and share testimonials from parents whose children attend your school. Summer is the time when families may be considering a switch, making social proof especially powerful for growing enrollment. It’s nice to talk about your school’s strengths, but it’s even better when positive feedback comes from the parents, students, and families you serve. Pair this content with referral programs and other incentives you might have in place to gain even more traction. 

15. Fun Facts 

Fun facts are an easy way to spotlight just about any aspect of your school’s culture, staff qualifications, community impact, or values in a quick and engaging way. Some ideas might include: Historical facts; quirky school traditions; number of languages spoken among staff/students; number of scholarships awarded; number of volunteer hours served; number of pounds of food consumed in the school lunch room; aggregate mileage on school buses for the year; trivia about school subjects; notable alumni; unique facilities and resources. 

Save these Dates

Holidays and observances are a great way to align your school’s values with your students, caregivers, and community. They can also be tons of fun. Consider highlighting some observances by showing off a stellar parent (say, for Parents’ Day), or your favorite library books for something like National Book Lovers Day.

Upcoming Holidays & Observances 


June 21      First day of summer 

June 21       National Selfie Day

June 23      National Pink Day

June 30       World Social Media Day

July       National Ice Cream Month

July 4      Independence Day 

July 7       World Chocolate Day

July 23      Parents’ Day 

July 27      National Intern Day

July 30      International Friendship Day

August 4      National Chocolate Chip Cookie Day 

August 7      Purple Heart Day

August 9      Book Lovers Day

August 14      National Financial Awareness Day 

August 17      National Nonprofit Day

August 20      National Senior Citizens Day 

August 26       Women’s Equality Day

September 4       Labor Day 

September 6      Read a Book Day

September 11      9/11; First Responders Day 

September 23      First Day of Autumn 

Get Started

There’s no doubt that communicating your school or district’s story through social media builds a bridge between your school and its community. When you prioritize content that features authentic moments that are original to your students and staff, you’ll grow and engage your audience in meaningful ways. Class Intercom provides administrators, teachers, staff, and students a safe and secure platform to gather, curate, publish, archive, and report on social media content. The result is an easier, more practical, and certainly safe way to engage and empower students and staff in telling your school’s story.  

Now’s the time to take the next steps on putting Class Intercom to work for your school or district. Follow the link below to get in touch and we’ll tell you all about it.  

Jess Doerr

Jess Doerr is the communications manager for Social Assurance and Class Intercom where she writes, develops, and oversees content. If she's not at the office, she's probably on her boat, on her bike, or in her garden.