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Case Study: Social Animals

By February 1, 20171 min read

Our team recently viewed the documentary, “Social Animals” on Netflix. This documentary follows 3 teenagers and their use of Instagram. Even though these teens are very different, they all understand the highs and lows of social media use. Here are our takeaways and some guided questions you can use if you choose to view the film in your classroom.

Our Takeaways:

At Class Intercom, we acknowledge that there will always be challenges that arise on social media. It doesn’t matter what your follower count is, where you live or how much money you have.

Teens are learning what it means to be marketers whether we like it or not. It’s important to teach teens how to

The 3 examples highlighted the fact that challenges on social media happen .

As humans, we crave belonging and look to social media to give us validation. What is the difference between these two?