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2022 Content Generation Award Student Finalist – Liam L.

By March 21, 20221 min read

I don’t know how many elementary schools use Class Intercom, however here at Corpus Christi Catholic School, it is thriving!

(Insert name of famous movie producer here) needs to watch out because Liam, FIFTH GRADER at Corpus Christi, is on the way. Liam’s creativity, filming, editing, and production skills are completely self-taught which makes him stand apart from the rest. Not to mention that he is always dreaming up ideas for ways to promote our school through social media. “Cougar Conversations” (our school mascot being a cougar) is a weekly feature on our school’s social media page. Liam creates, directs, films, and produces these videos. Another of Liam’s projects is “Hawse Tawk,” a “call in show” to the school’s favorite side-kick. Liam’s dedication to the club has created enthusiasm among other members of the club, as well. It is creating a groundswell of ideas that is hard for this moderator to keep up with!

It is with great pride that I nominate Liam for your award. He is truly deserving.

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