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2022 Content Generation Award Educator Finalist – Sinclair Chapman

By March 21, 20221 min read

G.W. Carver Middle School’s and Indian Spring Middle School’s Licensed Clinical Social Worker, Clair Chapman, is doing incredible work supporting our students’ academic, social, and emotional needs! She created a “Social Media Club” that teaches students to use social networking platforms in a positive way. Students learn about posting content to promote school events on campus and the value these platforms offer. Chapman and other staff members on campus started an incentive for students to participate in #TikTokTuesday. So many kids took interest and got involved that a club was formed. She’s helping students develop skills for emotional regulation, conflict resolution, positive decision making and peer relationships.

Check out the initiative here: https://www.kcentv.com/article/news/education/a-waco-isd-after-school-program-is-teaching-kids-ways-to-stay-safe-online-while-using-social-media-for-good/500-2faca48e-099c-4adf-b211-bc178f5195d9

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