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Class Intercom is designed to meet the unique needs of schools and districts, who are often collecting content from a range of sources–including staff, communications professionals, coaches, administrators, teachers, and even students! When the platform includes students, it goes from being a time-saving administrative tool to a hands-on learning experience for the classroom and beyond. Built specifically for the use of schools and to accommodate diverse users (including students!) Class Intercom draws on five pillars of pedagogy.

Pedagogy Pillars

From platform features to supplemental curriculum, Class Intercom is rooted in five clearly defined pillars: storytelling, skill building, student voice, digital citizenship, and community.  The combination of robust technology, powerful pedagogy, and thorough support systems ensures that Class Intercom’s incredibly powerful and scalable technology is deployed by schools and districts in such a way that it complements core curriculum, restorative practices, and college and career readiness. 

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Research-Based Education Strategies

Our technology and the support systems behind it are firmly rooted in research-based education strategies. This includes common teaching principles like collaboration, application, relevance, self-efficacy, choice, and autonomy. It also extends to more complex concepts like utilizing authentic assessment, engaging with locally and globally relevant content, and incorporating reflection and metacognition. Within the framework of 10 core strategies, the Class Intercom platform serves as an irreplaceable authentic assessment tool. 

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Training, Curricular Supports & More

Schools are an especially unique environment for technology. Not only must technology be built for the unique demands of a school environment, it must be implemented intentionally and with ongoing and sustainable programs and support. Class Intercom starts with an incredibly powerful platform designed with the unique needs of teachers, administrators, and students in mind. The next step is implementing it. From training and onboarding to ongoing support, and from classroom materials and supplemental curriculum to secure user onboarding/offboarding and accessible resources our knowledgeable staff checks every box.

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