STEM Education & Innovation Online Summit 2023

Dubai | May 16-18, 2023

For students to use new and emerging media responsibly and meaningfully, they need experience. This requires access to digital technologies and experiences in learning environments that help enhance digital literacy, increase empathy, and empower students to connect with others. 

That’s why we’re thrilled to be joining educators, policy makers, and educational technology innovators from across the globe at the Dubai-based 2023 STEM Education & Innovation Summit—a global collaboration designed to help schools, education institutions, solution providers, and others create partnerships and leverage innovations in STEM education. 

The invite-only summit is a unique opportunity to engage in critical conversations that make a global impact, including tackling STEM program shortages, using technology to enhance digital literacy and citizenship, and innovations like virtual reality in education. 

Dr. Jill Johnson, lifelong educator and President of Class Intercom, will be presenting tools and strategies for leveraging social media to increase school enrollment, recruit top educators, and empower staff and students to tell your school’s authentic story without losing control of the narrative. She’ll also touch on the power of hands-on and experiential learning backed by authentic assessment tools.

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As president of Class Intercom, Dr. Jill Johnson draws on her 30-year career in education as a teacher, consultant, and administrator). She leads Class Intercom’s mission to help schools and districts with the tools and support they need to use, model, and teach social media in impactful and authentic ways.

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