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Proven Storytelling Strategies: Social Media Guru Andrea Gribble Talks Social Content for Schools

By July 13, 20231 min read

Running point on social media for a school, business, side hustle, or even personal account can feel like a 24/7 job. Andrea Gribble would know. Her team at #SocialSchoolforEDU works with schools all over the country to help them craft content for their social media channels. Over the years, she’s learned a ton of proven storytelling strategies and tips for how to not only do school social media, but how to do it well (and without losing your sanity)!

Her latest book is a collection of tips, tricks, and insights aimed at helping schools share the amazing stories that celebrate their students and staff–without getting burned out! In this episode, she sits down with us to talk about proven storytelling strategies, the craft of social media and school communications, and the systems, processes, tools, tips, and ideas schools need to succeed at social.