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Athletic Director Jason McGehee Talks Social Media Storytelling

By June 11, 20241 min read

Join us for an inspiring conversation with Jason McGehee, Assistant Club Director at Stars Basketball Club in Franklin, TN, just outside Nashville. Since its inception in 2014, Stars has seen annual, exponential growth and is now established as the region’s top basketball club, impacting over 5,000 young athletes annually.

In this episode, Jason pulls back the curtain on how Stars has leveraged the power of storytelling to build its renowned brand reputation. Hear firsthand about the club’s coaches and their mentor relationships with players, and how they bring those connections to live through social media content. 

Merging his passion for athletics with education and leadership, Jason dives into the MORE THAN philosophy. He shares how the club cultivates an environment centered on character development, teamwork, and community to instill life skills that extend far beyond the court.

Connect with Jason

Jason McGehee
Assistant Club Director @ Stars Basketball Club