Pedagogy Pillars

From platform features to supplemental curriculum, Class Intercom is rooted in five clearly defined pillars: storytelling, skill building, student voice, digital citizenship, and community.  The combination of robust technology, powerful pedagogy, and thorough support systems ensures that Class Intercom’s incredibly powerful and scalable technology is deployed by schools and districts in such a way that it complements core curriculum, restorative practices, and college and career readiness. 


Storytelling gives voice to diverse and important experiences and includes considerations like visual design, language, timing, channel, impact, audience and topic alignment, and more.

Skill Building

Students must learn, understand, and put into practice skills and experiences relevant to today’s jobs. This includes new and emerging channels, workflows, and technologies, plus more nuanced skills like audience awareness, collaboration, communication, and professionalism.

Student Voice

Students have a unique and important perspective in the classroom and beyond. Instilling value in student voice empowers students to advocate for diverse perspectives and causes as preparation for becoming responsible global citizens.

Digital Citizenship

Students must be prepared for the responsibility of communicating and representing themselves in an increasingly connected and tech-driven world.


Schools and districts play important roles in their communities not only as educational institutions, but as hubs for problem solving, civic engagement, and other discourse.