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Class Intercom + ParentSquare

Modern Communication & Community Engagement Meets Robust School Social Media Management

The partnership between Class Intercom and ParentSquare brings together the leading provider of modern family and community engagement solutions for K-12 schools and the education sector’s best-in-class school social media management software. 

Schools and districts using both of these powerful tools reap the benefits of seamless and integrated control of communications across all major channels. That means the right communication delivered to the right person at the right time. For direct family and caregiver communications, ParentSquare is a fully integrated tool that makes creating and delivering communications incredibly easy. For school storytelling and content creation, Class Intercom helps schools capture, curate, and share social media content that tells their school’s stories. The power of using both tools in tandem is the ability to source content from across the school community and intentionally communicate it using the right format and channel seamlessly and effectively.  

Key Benefits

  • The Best of Both Worlds
    Convey timely updates and information through email, text message, and other direct and instant channels while reserving social media for storytelling, connection, and engagement.   
  • Seamless Compliance & Records Management
    Both tools are tailored to the unique needs of the education sector for compliance and proper records management at every step.
  • Intentional School Communications
    The right message, in the right format, on the right channel, delivered to the right audience with ease.
  • More than a Quick Publish-to-Social
    Schools source content for social media from across their school community, turning it into a curated, humanized social presence that includes updates and information, but doesn’t depend on them.

ParentSquare is the leading provider of modern family and community engagement solutions for K-12 schools. Millions of educators and families rely on its multipurpose, unified platform to distribute information via mass notifications, classroom communications, school websites, and other channels, all supported by visual dashboards. ParentSquare’s technology platform features comprehensive integrations with school administrative systems, translation to more than 100 languages, and app, email, text, voice, and web portal access for equitable communication.

Events & Collaborations

EdTech Leader Teddy Gabbart of ParentSquare Talks Communications & School Social Media

ParentSquare’s Teddy Gabbart sits down for a Q&A session about the communications challenges facing schools, and where technology, student voice, and social media fit into the equation.

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ParentSquare & Class Intercom Partnership Provides More Robust Communication Tools for Schools & Districts

Press Release
ParentSquare and Class Intercom announce a strategic partnership aimed at helping schools unify communications across channels and take a more strategic approach to PR and communications. 

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Battle of the Regions Karaoke at TSPRA

Hosted Event (Sugar Land, TX)
TSPRA members face off in what’s become an annual tradition! This year’s Battle of the Regions is co-sponsored by Class Intercom and ParentSquare. 

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ParentSquare Central Summit

Workshop Event (Durant, OK)
Hosted by ParentSquare, this user conference and workshop (held June 19 and 20) brings together school communications and PR professionals to elevate knowledge and make connections. Follow the link below to learn more and register.  

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ParentSquare East Summit

Workshop Event (Uncasville, CT)
Hosted by ParentSquare (October 3 and 4), this user conference and workshop event connects school PR and communications leaders on the east coast for two days of hands-on learning and networking. 

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ParentSquare West Summit

Workshop Event (San Jose, CA)
Hosted by ParentSquare (December 9 and 10), this user-focused workshop event is designed for school PR and communications professionals on the west coast to engage, connect, and learn. 

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