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Class Intercom’s story began in 2016. Taylor Siebert, who had spent years working alongside schools in video production, realized that there was an opportunity to meet schools’ desire for building a social media presence while training the next generation of content creators.

He then realized that naturally, students are already creating content about their schools by posting photos from football games and promoting campus events like plays and prom. So why not empower those same students to creating social media content on behalf of their schools? In the process, they’re able to learn from educators how to grow as a social media leader, build a consistent story and avoid publishing potentially offensive material.

While some schools were allowing students to create content, those students needed guidance. Students would receive access to a school’s social media accounts with a username and password on a post-it note. Along with that potential security risk, there was little encouragement for new content, no monitoring of social media and endless opportunities for harmful posts. He knew there was a better way.

That’s when Taylor decided to reach out to Ben Pankonin, a leader in corporate compliance and technology. The software they created — Class Intercom — enables students to overcome the difficulties they may have faced when creating content for their school by working with educators to develop their own authentic voice. Class Intercom provides students the opportunity to practice their social media skills while educators focus on mentoring and monitoring published content. Students learn by doing, and as a result, are able to develop critical skills that help them succeed in our modern workforce.

Today, Class Intercom is national and we’re proud to work alongside schools of all levels and district sizes from across the country. We believe every student and school has a story to tell. We provide the software to help them share it.


Taylor Seibert

Taylor Siebert

With a background in streaming video for schools, Taylor developed education programs for students. He continues to work with schools to develop innovative programs to engage students in their passions.  A graduate of Doane College in business, Taylor strives to help teachers empowering them with the right tools and resources.

Ben Pankonin

Prior to founding Class Intercom, Ben built software for Financial companies assisting in marketing, social media and building strategies for digital marketing. A graduate of Nebraska Wesleyan University in business and computer science, Ben serves on several nonprofit boards and is passionate about helping students find their path.

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