Catch us at the NSPRA National Seminar!

Seattle, Washington | July 14-17, 2024

It’s the biggest communications and professional development event of the year for school public relations professionals!

We’re thrilled to join with so many of the education and communications leaders we admire at NSPRA (National School PR Association)’s annual conference in Seattle. Don’t miss out on this year’s Battle of the SPRAs karaoke party, we’re honored to be hosting it alongside some incredible partners. 

Of course, it’s no surprise we’re talking all things storytelling and content creation. Be sure to catch our session and stop by the Class Intercom booth to learn more about how Class Intercom schools and districts are using technology to empower students and staff to capture and share the moments that bring school stories to life. We look forward to “Finding Common Grounds” with you!

Don’t Miss Our Session

Empowering Your Schools to Scale the Social Media Mountain

Mitchell Roush, M.A., Grand Island Public Schools
Dr. Jill Johnson, Class Intercom

Tuesday, July 16, 2024 from 3:10 PM – 4:10 PM PDT
Grand Ballroom DEFGH, Hyatt Regency

How do we equip our schools with the storytelling superpower? That’s the million-dollar question. This session will empower you as school PR pros with the tools to help your district schools feel more confident carrying their own banner on social media. The conversation will include: (1) Setting sustainable social media goals, (2) Identifying and equipping school leaders, teachers and student voices, and (3) Tips and templates for setting your schools up for success. Because scaling the storytelling mountain together is the best way.

Into the Fire

School PR professionals are often thrown in thrown into the fire. Whether it’s jumping on a timely story or incident response, school PR and communications professionals know the drill when it comes to #HotComms! Not only can they extinguish the flames, but they handle high-stakes challenges and opportunities with grace and composure.

Ahead of NSPRA, we challenged Class Intercom President Dr. Jill Johnson, Founder and CEO, Ben Pankonin, and Customer Success Coordinator, Courtney Strayer to the ultimate fiery test: Hot Ones. For the uninitiated: Hot Ones is a YouTube series in which famously cavalier host Sean Evans interviews the likes of megastars like Margot Robbie, Jennifer Lawrence, Gordon Ramsay, and Halle Berry. But, there’s a twist: Both the host and guest must work through a plate of 10 chicken wings while they chat, each doused in a progressively spicier sauce. Eager to see how the Class Intercom team handles the heat? We thought you might be.