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Content Generation Award Winner – Nora Ohrt

By March 5, 20211 min read

Technology coordinator Nora Ohrt and the Sutton Media team at Sutton Public Schools in Sutton, NE have seen a lot of success this past year when it comes to engaging the student body with social media content. To expand their content collaboration, they recently added two new principals as social media contributors. They are also expanding the number of students and staff contributing to social media content to help share what is happening in their schools.

Recognizing how important social media has been this past year, they roped their principals in. The Jr./Sr. High principal uses a student-created logo to post-school sports game updates. The principal additionally encouraged students to create a YouTube channel where they post different school-related projects and interviews. They then promote the video content on their social channels.

The team has also been on the ball when it comes to sharing everyday moments. Capturing what students are doing and learning every day, such as when the elementary students visited a nursing home.

Between the media team, school administrators, teachers, and students, Nora and her team are able to share what it means to be part of Sutton Public Schools.