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Class Intercom Set to Host Fourth Annual Virtual and In-Person Content Creation Workshop for Students Nationwide

By August 23, 20233 min read

Class Intercom, the leading provider of school social media management software, has announced the official date for its fourth annual Content Generation Workshop. The student-focused event will be held Wednesday, October 18th from 9 a.m. to 3 p.m. central at a combination of in-person locations across multiple regions in addition to being accessible to virtual attendees at schools nationwide. This year’s workshop will explore a diverse range of topics, including prudent skills like visual branding, video production, and copywriting, as well as bigger picture themes like storytelling, student voice, digital citizenship, and community. 

The workshop will broadcast live to in-person satellite locations and virtual attendees across the country from the University of Nebraska–Lincoln’s main campus (just a few blocks from Class Intercom’s headquarters in Lincoln, Nebraska). Attendees will hear from a diverse group of expert content creators, including the likes of Emmy-winning sports reporter Erin Sorensen; social media influencer Noah Young (whose unique storytelling and relatable content has amassed millions of followers); and executive producer, author, and filmmaker Kristen Sukraw. The event will also feature student ambassadors and faculty from the University of Nebraska–Lincoln’s Jacht Ad Agency, a full-service, student-run enterprise.

“We are thrilled to support this uniquely innovative student-centered workshop, which provides first-hand exposure to the varied opportunities available to students in media communications and adjacent areas of study,” said University of Nebraska’s Jemalyn Griffin, integrated marketing communications industry expert, Jacht Ad Agency’s executive director, and advertising and public relations professor at the university’s esteemed College of Journalism and Mass Communications.

The workshop will also offer a number of practical opportunities for students to build and test their skills in areas like copywriting, video editing, photography, and creative collaboration. Through a series of quick-hit challenges, students are prompted to create and post real social media content reflecting their school’s innovative approach to digital media and student engagement.

“The Content Generation Workshop is a powerful opportunity to provide schools with the tools and support they need to use, model, and teach social media in impactful ways,” says Class Intercom President Dr. Jill Johnson. “The opportunity to apply their learning in real-time, posting to school social media with approval and oversight is perhaps the best example of authentic assessment for digital citizenship in action.”

Educators can register groups of up to 10 students to attend virtually and online here. Be advised that space for in-person workshop opportunities is severely limited, but free virtual registrations will remain open until the day of the event.  

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