2022 Innovative Schools Summit

San Antonio, Texas  |  December 1st through 4th

Social media can play a key role in addressing unfinished learning, transforming school climate, and applying the science of learning. We’re thrilled to join educators and administrators from across the sector to collaborate in ways that help schools use, model, and teach social media in the classroom and beyond.

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Restore Relationships & Build Skills & Community Following Social Media Infractions

Dr. Jill Johnson presenting with Scott Axt

Saturday, December 3, from 10 to 11 a.m

Administrators have an opportunity when it comes to infractions of any kind–but especially social media infractions. They can discipline and punish, or they can leverage the opportunity to restore relationships and build community and valuable skills through hands-on learning.

In their session, lifelong educator and former administrator Dr. Jill Johnson and lifelong educator and Seward High School Principal Scott Axt explore a restorative approach to social media infractions–one in which building digital citizenship, creating authentic and positive social media content, and repairing relationships and community are front and center.

It’s a bigger picture approach that restores and improves school climate while strengthening students’ social and relationship skills. Win-win.

Student with a laptop talking with a teacher

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