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2022 Content Generation Award Student Finalist – Faye P.

By March 21, 20222 min read

This student, Faye P., followed the Royal Oak High School Diversity Club during Black History Month, using technology and social media to spread their word of acceptance.

The club held events to celebrate the month like Open Mic Night and Movie Night. Before those events took place, Faye sat down with the group to learn more about the club. This sit-down was photographed, edited, and shared on social media. An initiative like this has never been done before with students talking freely on social media. Her hope with this piece was that people, other students, would have a better understanding of the Diversity Club and people that look different than themselves. She hoped that the sit-down would also promote the events that the club worked so hard on securing for Black History Month.

The members shared their experience with the Diversity Club and reflected on its purpose. They talked about student engagement and inclusion, as well as events that they have supported like the all-school canned food drive where they collected over 7000 lbs. of food.

In the video, Faye also used a QR code that once scanned students and families can fill out a survey that will help the club compete for grant money. The grant money will be used to support LGBTQ students at the high school with purchases of books for the learning commons or pins, flags, and other items to help LGBTQ students feel welcome.

This initiative about the Diversity Club engaged others online and in person, it also encouraged people to think critically about the club, what they stand for, and how they support the students of the ROHS and a collaborative culture there that includes acceptance, equity, and inclusion.

Check out the initiative here: https://www.facebook.com/RoyalOakSchools/posts/10160442518819066

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