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Dr. Jill Johnson

Thought Leader I Educator I Mentor I Speaker

Dr. Jill Johnson touts over 30 years of experience in education and a proven student-driven social program track record. Her passion for and understanding of social media in the education landscape have allowed her to support educators and students on a national scale.

Prior to joining Class Intercom, Dr. Jill most recently served as a high school assistant principal where she successfully implemented student-led social media content creation programs, empowering students to actively participate in telling their school’s story.

Motivating Educators & Students

Dr. Jill’s doctoral dissertation focused on technology leaders’ roles in advancing the integration of student-led social media teams into school culture and curricula. Why? Social media content creation is an element of journalism, broadcasting, business, and marketing education that is necessary in preparing students for today’s professional world.

With her combined, extensive experience in education, social media, and speaking, Dr. Jill leads engaging and dynamic sessions. Pulling from her personal experience and the experience of her wide network of school social media programs, Dr. Jill ensures her attendees leave with practical applications of the material for each of their unique environments.

Dr. Jill speaking at a conference

“Empowering staff and students to play an integral role in telling your school’s story on social media not only provides a more authentic view into your school, but also a more accurate one.”

-Dr. Jill Johnson

Most Requested Presentations

Content is Selfish. . .Until it’s Shared: Discovering the Power of Better Communication in Schools

Whether your communication is led by staff or students or a combination of both, providing your team with a wide range of opportunities to create content increases involvement, spreads the workload, and creates a more authentic voice for your school. Trust is an essential element in the empowerment of others. Giving up control may be difficult, but mitigating the risks help to extend that trust. It’s time to get off the intercom.

Dr. Jill will discuss:
● Embracing your sense of self
● Committing to something greater than yourself
● Building the capacity of your community

Empowering a Generation of Content Creators on Social Media: Social Media Strategies for Schools

The more you do, the more your stakeholders will expect, so empowering others is the key to long term success. Empowering others to create content also means the opportunity for more errors to occur and more corrective feedback to be provided by stakeholders; conversely, the positive accolades received will far outweigh the negatives.

Dr. Jill will discuss:
● Building successful social media teams
● Empowering and guiding teachers and students on social media
● Generating genuine content beyond the newsletter

Everyone has a Story...Make Yours Worth Telling: Brand Recognition, School Marketing, and the Spread of Positive Culture

Everyone thinks they’re an expert in education because they attended school. Somebody is going to tell your school’s story. If you don’t tell it, somebody else will tell it for you. Creating a digital footprint and modeling positive digital citizenship will serve your district in multiple ways including brand recognition, school marketing, and the spread of positive culture. With increased mobility of students as well as open enrollment opportunities, competition for students continues to increase. Telling your story is not only important for the students currently enrolled, but also for those who may want to join your school.

Dr. Jill will discuss:
● Building your school/district brand and reputation through storytelling
● Modeling positive digital citizenship through student ambassadors
● The processes for putting the storytelling in the hands of those living it

Don’t Just Punish–Empower: Building Skills & Restoring Relationships following Social Media Infractions

Suspending students for social media issues? Administrators have to discipline, often without the opportunity to address the specific issue. Learn how to teach students authentic digital citizenship, engage students in authentic social media production, and experience positive outcomes and repaired relationships.

Participants will learn how to lead students in:
● Understanding the laws surrounding how personal social media becomes an issue in school
● Being able to decipher between negative and positive social media posts and reflect upon the decision-making process
● Being able to develop quality content for social media based on digital citizenship and business marketing standards
● Knowing how to comprehend basic social media analytics

The Power of Point of View: Empowering Student Voice

This presentation will highlight the importance of fostering student
voice in schools and how publishing student’s voices as a regular part of a
school’s social media develops better communications. These opportunities
create a more inclusive and equitable learning environment and a dynamic
school communications strategy.

● Learn how student voice can be elevated with a social media team
● Learn strategies for promoting student voice in the classroom
● Explore how student voice can foster a more inclusive and equitable
learning environment

Building a Team of Content Creators

Would you like help in telling your school’s story? Do you sometimes wish you could clone yourself and be in two places at once? This session will empower you to do this by creating and sustaining a social media team. From recruitment to retainment, learn how to select, train, and inspire the students and adults in your school to take ownership of telling their school’s story. Walk away with some great tips for motivating others to create content for someone other than themselves!

Point of View & Empowering Student Voice: How to Leverage Social Media to Tell Your School's Story

As school PR professionals, it’s essential to tell the district’s story and build strong relationships with the community. However, it’s equally important to empower students and give them a voice in the process. In this session, we’ll explore how to do just that.

Learn practical ways to involve students in content creation and empower them to build bridges to the community through social media. In this session, Dr. Jill covers simple ways to tell the school district’s story, best practices for social media use, and how to get students involved in content creation. We’ll also discuss how to create a safe and inclusive environment for students to share their perspective while representing the school district.

● Learn how to uncover simple ways to tell the school district’s story
● Understand best practices for social media use to empower student voice
● Discover practical ways to get students involved in content creation
● Explore how to empower students to build bridges to the community
● Create a safe and inclusive environment for students to share their perspective while representing the school district.

Dr. Jill Johnson Speaking Request

Speaking Experience

National & International Presentations

  • Marzano High Reliability Schools Conference in Denver, Colorado
  • Innovative Schools Conference in San Antonio, Texas
  • National School Public Relations (NSPRA) in Chicago, Illinois and St. Louis, Missouri
  • STEM Education & Innovation Online Summit in Dubai, UAE
  • IES STATS-DC Data Conference in Washington, D.C.
  • Plum Creek Literacy Festival in Seward, Nebraska
  • JEA/NSPA National Journalism Conference in Los Angeles, California and  St. Louis, Missouri

State & Regionals Presentations

  • Illinois Digital Educators Alliance (IDEAcon) Conference
  • School Leaders Advancing Technology in Education (SLATE) in Wisconsin
  • Iowa Technology and Education Connection (ITEC) Conference
  • Concordia University, Women in Business Keynote in Nebraska
  • NCSA Administrators Days Conference in Nebraska
  • Nebraska Career Education (NCE) Conference
  • Minnesota Association of School Administrators (MASA)
  • Nebraska State Principals Conference
  • Nebraska Department of Education AQuESTT Data Conference
School Public Relations Conferences
  • Arkansas (ArkaNSPRA)
  • Kansas (KanSPRA)
  • Illinois (INSPRA)
  • Missouri (MoSPRA)
  • New England (NESPRA)
  • Texas (TSPRA)
  • Washington (WSPRA)
  • Wisconsin (WSPRA)
Class Intercom President, Jill, presenting at NETA conference.
Jill Johnson presenting to a room full of students.
Class Intercom President, Jill, presenting at NETA conference.
Class Intercom President, Jill, sitting a table with other education professionals at a conference.


Doctoral Degree in Educational Leadership
Dissertation: Technology Leadership Qualities in Secondary School Principals in Nebraska who Support Student-led Social Media Teams
University of Nebraska, Lincoln (May 2021)

Specialist Degree in Education Administration
University of Nebraska, Kearney (August 2020)

Master of Science Degree in Education Administration
Concordia University, Nebraska (August 2017)

Master of Science Degree in Instructional Technology
Peru State College, Nebraska (August 2000)

Bachelor of Science Degree in Language Arts Education
University of Nebraska, Kearney (May 1991)