Class Intercom is proud to support the 2023 NSPRA Presidents Summit!

Chicago, Illinois  |  February 3-4, 2023

We’re passionate about supporting NSPRA (National School Public Relationships Association) leaders at chapters nationwide with tools, strategies, and resources that help school PR professionals seamlessly and securely manage social media at the school and district levels.

Catch us February 3rd and 4th in Chicago at this year’s NSPRA Presidents Summit. Class Intercom is committed to supporting the professional development of chapter presidents as they tackle key challenges like engaging members, providing ongoing professional development opportunities, and ensuring the overall successful engagement of their chapters.

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“We’re honored to support NSPRA chapter leaders nationwide committed to advancing school PR at every level.” 

–Dr. Jill Johnson, Class Intercom President 

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As president of Class Intercom, Dr. Jill Johnson draws on her 30-year career in education as a teacher, consultant, and administrator). She leads Class Intercom’s mission to help schools and districts with the tools and support they need to use, model, and teach social media in impactful and authentic ways.

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As CEO, Ben Pankonin leverages a tenured history in SaaS (software as a service) technology for regulated industries to facilitate integrations, partnerships,, and other strategic efforts that help districts streamline and unify communications across channels.

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