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Class Intercom allows educators to safely moderate social media content for schools – saving them time while providing a platform to build the next generation of digital citizens.

Safely Moderate Social Media Content

Class Intercom allows administrative controls over social media channels, by connecting directly with Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram. Educators can grant access to social media channels and require approvals before publishing content.

Save Educators Time

Social Media takes time. By placing the task of social media content on students, Class Intercom allows educators to simply approve scheduled posts.

Student Generated Content

Educating on digital citizenship works when students know they can become leaders in social media. Class Intercom empowers educators to allow students to create purposeful content for their school.

Digital Citizenship

Civics for the Next Generation

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Who Writes Your School Newspaper?

“We have evolved from no social media to being very heavily involved and meeting people where they are at on social media catering to different demographics. With Class Intercom, we are excited to share our story through the students’ eyes.”

Brandon Mowinkel
High School Principal at Milford Public Schools