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Automatic Website Archival & Monitoring for Schools & Districts


Monitoring and managing content across thousands of webpages that represent various aspects of your district and the groups, departments, teams, and individuals that comprise it can be a serious challenge. What’s more, website content is considered public record in all 50 states, making it subject to FOIA (Freedom of Information Act) and open records requests. That means, in addition to ensuring information on your website is accurate and updated, webpages must be archived for compliance purposes.

Site Insights has you covered, with robust archival, monitoring, and notification tools that automate record-keeping and keep you in the know. The result? Schools save tons of time and school communities are inherently safer. 

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Illustration of the Class Intercom marketing platform.

Social Media Management

Empower students and staff to capture and share the moments that bring your school’s story to life. Class Intercom makes it easy with a social media management platform designed to streamline every aspect of school social media management. This includes capturing content across schools’ many facets, moderating and managing posts, scheduling, publishing, and archival. The best part? Class Intercom’s powerful technology is backed by powerful pedagogy, helping schools leverage it to model, teach, and assess storytelling, skill building, student voice, digital citizenship, and community. 

  • Collect, curate, monitor, and archive social media content 
  • Unlimited users with customizable access permissions 
  • Schedule, approve, and publish content across channels 
  • Streamline moderation and compliance with built-in workflows 
  • Automatic archival and record-keeping

Website Monitoring, Archival, & Management

Save time and mitigate risk with Site Insights, a uniquely dynamic monitoring tool that automates social media and website archival with real-time record keeping you don’t have to worry about. Stay on top of controversial content and nefarious activity and secure your school or district’s online presence with custom access permissions and notification tools that help you respond swiftly. 

  • Automatic website archival without hassle 
  • Monitor updates and scan for keywords 
  • Set notifications to ensure quick action
Illustration of the Class Intercom marketing platform.

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