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Create A Winning Social Media Strategy For Your School In 5 Steps

By September 21, 20193 min read

Creating consistent and relevant content is the key to your school’s social media strategy. No matter the size of your social media or communications team, having a plan and organizing your content is key to a winning strategy.

1. Know your why.

As an administrator, school PR professional or teacher, you know it’s important for your school to be active on social media, but do you know why? Have you taken time to discuss with your staff or communications team what your goals are for being active on social media? What does success look like for your team? Maybe you want to model digital citizenship in the classroom. Many of our customers at Class Intercom have built their “why” around modeling and encouraging digital citizenship and that is seen as a benefit. 

2. Do your research.

In a previous post, we discussed the importance of identifying your audience, where they spend their time and what type of content they want to see. You can’t create relevant content without truly knowing your audience. Take the time to discover who your audience is and what they want to learn from you. You can even do surveys or polls to learn more about your audience. If you want to appeal to alumni, learn how to craft messages that create nostalgia. What would be meaningful to them? 

3. Look at other schools.

Just as a business owner would take time to observe their competition, we suggest that schools take a look around and observe what other schools are doing. Many of our customers are collaborating with one another and sharing best practices. What types of posts have been successful or gone viral? Do you have a strategy for dealing with negative comments from parents or students? What about crisis situations? It’s important to take note of what to do and what not to do when responding to negative feedback. 

4. Create a content calendar. 

Planning ahead is essential to your school’s social media strategy. When marketing and advertising agencies create content for their clients, they start by using a calendar. This calendar contains holidays and events that might be unique to their clients. This allows them to build content for their social media channels based on that calendar. If every school has an academic calendar, your communications staff and student social media teams can essentially operate as a marketing agency by starting with important school events and holidays. 

5. Teach digital citizenship by involving students.

If you’re looking for a way to teach digital citizenship, one of the best things you can do is to involve students in social media content creation. It also gives you an instant team of content creators! Creating a student social media team can help provide a unique leadership opportunity and helps set students up for future success in marketing and communications.