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Advance Your School’s Communication Through Podcasting

By October 15, 20181 min read

Have you considered launching a podcast for your school? If so, there is a lot to consider before launching in terms of planning, production and promotion.

During this webinar, Advance Your School’s Communication Through Podcasting, Class Intercom will teach you:

  1. How podcasting can help communicate key messages and grow your school’s brand.
  2. What the potential barriers are to podcasting and why many podcasts fail.
  3. What the best practices are when it comes to getting started and what type of equipment you should be using for recording and editing.
  4. How you can use Class Intercom to help manage your content calendar.

Resources Mentioned:

Nielson Podcast Insights

Podcast Marketing Best Practices 

If you would like to see a full replay of the webinar, click HERE to register.

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