12 02, 2020

CGTV Episode 002 | You are a content creator

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In the second episode of CGTV on YouTube presented by Class Intercom, Mitch discusses what a content creator is. By nature, we are all content creators, it's just a matter of how we go about doing it. He'll touch on how we can go about sharing our daily lives by examining the life of Kobe [...]

5 02, 2020

CGTV Episode 001 | This is how you do social media

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Welcome to the first episode of Content Generation TV (CGTV) on YouTube presented by Class Intercom! Mitch Fisher, the host of CGTV, will take you through tips, interviews, memes, and fun stories involving the use of social media for your personal account and for your school. Successful content generation is a skill that takes a [...]