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The Content Generation Episode 9: Heather Callihan, Northwest Public Schools

Heather Callihan has worked in the field of education for over 21 years and today is the Technology Integration Specialist for Northwest Public Schools in Grand Island, Nebraska. In addition to serving as the NETA Board president, she is also a Common Sense Certified Educator and Ambassador. Heather believes learning needs to be visible and students need to master skills involving collaboration, creation, communication and critical thinking. Heather has a passion for sharing the importance of contributing to digital communities and the impact of digital leadership with students and adults.

During this episode, we spoke with Heather about having a creator vs. consumer mindset and how “digital safety” has evolved into “digital citizenship.” Heather shared about how she uses Class Intercom to encourage content creation while safely moderating student generated content. You can connect with Heather on Twitter.

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Author: Ben Pankonin

Ben can be contacted at ben@socialassurance.com

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