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School Spotlight: Van ISD

Photo of crowd at a football game with a green swoosh on top of photo

School Information:
School Name: Van ISD
Location: Van, Texas
How many students are enrolled at your school? Approximately 2400

School Social Media Profiles:

Facebook: @VanISDTX
Twitter: @VanISDVanTX
Instagram: @VanISDVanTX

Your Name: Lynsey Admire
Job Title: Director of Communications

Spotlight Questions:

  1. What’s an interesting fact about you? I attended Van ISD K-12 and am now raising my three boys in Van ISD.
  2. What’s your favorite social media platform and why? I use Facebook the most because that is where the majority of our audience is. Our district’s Facebook page has roughly 14,000 followers.
  3. How long have you been in your position? I had been doing communications part-time for our district since 2015. This year, the communication position transitioned over into a full-time role.
  4. What problem has Class Intercom helped you solve? We wanted to give students a voice in our social media but were unsure and nervous to do that without safeguards. Class Intercom solved that problem for us and we feel secure allowing students to take the reins since we still retain ultimate control.
  5. How are you using Class Intercom at your school? I have five student interns that create game day posts and have also done one student takeover so far.
  6. Do you involve students in social media creation? If yes, why? Yes! They bring a fresh perspective and allow us to have diverse content. They have great ideas and one of them has an amazing eye for graphic design.
  7. Do you have any social media posts that you or your students have created that you consider successful? For fun, we created a district-wide Git Up video challenge.

    My interns help script out the parts and assisted with filming. I did not expect the results!

    You can watch the video here

Author: Ben Pankonin

Ben can be contacted at ben@socialassurance.com

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