Helping Your School Manage Social Media

More stories, less time

No more giving out your social media passwords on sticky notes. With Class Intercom your students, educators, technology and communications department have the tools to create great social media. Save time and share more stories while still maintaining control.

Content Moderation and Approval

Create roles and permissions for users to submit content that must be approved before its published. Edit the post before it’s approved or deny the post and leave note for users to make changes.

Collaborative Content Scheduling

Assign and schedule content so everyone is on the same page. Having a consistent message across your social media channels is important. Our calendar view helps bring everyone together to see what’s happening throughout the week on social.

Central Dashboard Management

Class Intercom delivers an interactive dashboard that allows districts to manage every social page and account connected to the platform. Each of the social accounts is consolidated and accessible on the platform.

The dashboard additionally provides the ability to quickly add, remove and re-authenticate social media accounts and the users who login to them while maintaining high security standards for password administration.

Approval Process

Review and approve social media content before it gets published and establish a consistent brand for your school.

Assign User Roles

Control what’s published to your social media pages by assigning individual roles to students, teachers and administrators.

Social Media Monitoring

We monitor and archive your social media content whether it is posted from Class Intercom or not.