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Podcasts: 3 Simple Steps for PD on the Go

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November 2021

Educators are natural life-long learners, always working to perfect their craft. As a teacher and a high school administrator, I found myself looking for easy ways to engage with content without sacrificing my free time. Podcasts were a gift to my learning . I listened to them  in the car, on my walks, and while doing daily chores around the house. I was grateful for the opportunities to learn while continuing my daily routines. It didn’t take me long to integrate podcasts into my daily life. I was able to listen to experts with high quality information to increase my knowledge on leadership, best practices, and perspectives on education. Podcasts expanded my professional development by making learning convenient, continuous, and compelling.

Podcasts are audio programs on a variety of topics. You can find your specialty by searching within the app. On my commute to school and now the  office, I found podcasts to help me grow in my positions. I believe in professional development and will engage in many forms. Listening to these episodes helped me fill gaps in my knowledge and understanding, as well as helped me generate reflective questions about my leadership, education philosophy, and best practices. It took a little time, browsing and listening  to find the podcasts that interested me. I followed some simple steps to help me engage.

  1. Finding Podcasts

Podcasts can be found on websites and on your phone through an app. 

  • You can find a podcast on a website. For example, you can access Class Intercom’s podcasts on the Class Intercom website and listen from the browser. 
  • If you have a smartphone, you can use an app to listen. 
  • The podcasts app might already be on your phone. Search your apps for “Podcasts.”
  • If an app is not on your phone,  you can go to your Applications app and download  a Podcast app like Google Podcasts, Spotify, or Audible and install it.
  1. Searching for Podcasts

After finding your podcast app, you can search to find programs that pique your interest.

  • Search for topics that interest you, just like you would in a web browser. Programs will pop up  and so you can find one that speaks to your professional development needs. 
  • Once you find podcasts you like, tap the subscribe button to save the program, so you are notified of new episodes for continuous listening. 
  • After you have listened to a few, your app will give you recommendations based on your previous interests. This is helpful to broaden your scope and introduce you to quality programs. 

 Podcasts are a growing genre and new programs come out every day.

  1. How and When to Listen

When you have a spare minute at home, in your office, or in the car to access new content, hear a new perspective, or fine tune your niche, you can listen to a podcast.

  • Simply go to your Podcast app.
  • Listen through your earbuds, your phone or computer, or your car stereo.
  • Select an episode and push play.

The great benefit of podcasts is that they are accessible while doing your normal daily activities. I find myself listening while driving, cooking, and working out. Dr. Jill likes to listen when she’s gardening or painting. Finding a podcast for entertainment or to learn something new is as simple as pressing play! 

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Author: Robyn Warner

With 13 years of experience in education, Robyn has served as a high school English teacher, dean of students, and assistant principal. She has a bachelor’s degree in Communication Studies, teaching certification in both Language Arts and English as a Learning Language, Master’s degrees in Teaching, Learning, and Teacher Education and Educational Administration.

Robyn can be contacted at robyn@classintercom.com

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