Be Social at a Distance: COVID-19 Resources for Schools


We help educators, communications, technology and students to safely create social media content for your school with ease.

Transform the way you work with your school’s social media today by archiving, moderating, scheduling and monitoring in one place.

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Safely Moderate Social Media Content

Before students can create content for any of their school’s social media pages, educators must grant them access and set up their approvals through our software. Once approved, students can have access to multiple Facebook, Twitter and Instagram pages.

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Empower Students to Become Digital Leaders

Digital citizenship only works when students buy in. By implementing our software, students are empowered to become leaders in social media because educators have entrusted them to create purposeful content for their school.

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Save Educators Time

After content has been created by your student leaders, a designated team of educators only spends time providing feedback and approving students’ content. Our efficient software makes it easy to manage all types of content including posts, photos and videos.

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