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How to get involved with social media at your school

Dear Students, 

We know it’s difficult to imagine what school might look like this year. Some of you might be headed back to an actual building, some of you might be grinding away at a computer from home or maybe a hybrid of both. Whatever your circumstance may be, we know you weren’t expecting any of this. While some opportunities like clubs, internships, and social activities might not be available, there are still opportunities to build your resume.

You may have found yourself making a Tik Tok or two during quarantine. Whether you believe it or not, this means you are creative and might have a future in social media marketing. So, if you love the idea of creating content on social media, keep reading.

Have you ever thought about helping your school with social media? Your school might not encourage or allow students to help with social media on school channels, but right now it’s important for schools to share their story and it’s important for you to continue learning. 

Here’s how we would encourage you to get involved.

Ask for a meeting.

You can start by sending an email to your school’s PR representative, administrator or teacher who is running communications at your school. Introduce yourself and ask for a meeting either in person or over zoom. Be professional when writing your email and don’t forget to give them some times you are available so they can pick what works best for them. 

Offer to help.

When you get the chance to meet, explain your passions and why you want to get involved in social media content creation for your school. Be sure to mention that this is an opportunity for you to learn as well as a chance for the school to communicate better with its audience. If you have a portfolio of work that would be relevant, bring it along! The relationship building step can be difficult, but it is vital you build rapport with your administrators. They are there to help you and want you to succeed. This might lead to a future reference or internship.

Explain how it could work safely.

We know that schools appreciate student involvement but want to make sure the administrator, teacher or PR representative has total control over the content and when that content will be published. For example, imagine if you had to share an Instagram account with your little brother or sister. It might create a little confusion and it’s probably not a good idea to share passwords with multiple friends. There are several tools that can assist schools and teams with safely publishing content. However, a platform like Class Intercom can allow teachers to edit content and provide feedback to students before the content is published. If this is something you think might benefit your school, please have your school PR representative or administrator reach out to us and will walk them through how our platform makes the approval process safe. 

Express gratitude.

The final step of the meeting should be to reach a conclusion and have a list of action items. Perhaps your school already has students involved in social media? Great!  If not, Class Intercom has resources for how to start a student social media team at your school. This sheet provides some great tips on how to get started. Download here.

Finally, be sure to thank the person for their time and follow up the meeting with an email to thank them.

If you are a teacher or administrator, you can connect with us to schedule a demo.

Author: Ben Pankonin

Ben can be contacted at ben@socialassurance.com

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