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Episode 28: Engage in Your School’s Story Podcast with Clay Reisler

For episode 28, Taylor is joined by Clay Reisler, the Digital Learning Specialist at Pulaski High School, in the Polka Captial of the world, Pulaski, Wisconsin. Clay uses social media and technology to connect with the world, individualize instruction, innovate classrooms with technology and to support 70 teachers and administration to tell stories. He has created a great resource for his district and beyond with his Twitter and Instagram accounts, along with his Youtube channel, blog, iPaddiction and podcast, EdVanage

Clay has cultivated a strong storytelling movement at Pulaski using Class Intercom and use of their Twitter hashtag, #radarstrong. He tells his students, “This isn’t our high school,” meaning it’s not our adult’s high school. “It’s your high school and it’s yours to tell the story, so get after it!”

He also emphasizes the importance of the “4 C’s”: Collaboration, critical thinking,  creation, and communication.  He states,”It’s everything that drives us. That’s better than any multiple choice test.” 

Clay is a great example of a leader who is using social media to positively impact the world. We hope you enjoy this conversation with him.

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