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Episode 26: Engage in Your School’s Story Podcast with Laura Kroll

For episode 26, Taylor is joined by Laura Kroll, the K-12 Principal and Assistant Volleyball Coach at Exeter-Milligan Public Schools. Laura knows the ins and outs of education in a small school from her 26 years of experience as a teacher, instructional coach, and principal.

She shares insight into how she maximizes the opportunity in a small school by consistently tweeting words of encouragement at 7 a.m., creating an in-school challenge and reward for teachers and students to discover new ideas on Twitter and how to build an online professional network.

Laura believes in digital citizenship and sharing stories. She states, “The future is making connections and knowing how to responsibly use technology. It’s a disservice if you are not promoting your school on social media and getting students involved that way.”

We hope you enjoy this conversation with Laura.

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