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Episode 20: Engage in Your School’s Story Podcast with Brandon Mowinkel

Welcome to season 2, episode 20 of the Class Intercom Engage in Your School’s Story podcast! We are excited to share our interview with Brandon Mowinkel. He is the High School principal at Milford Public Schools and is very involved with sharing the Milford story on Social media. Brandon is the Nebraska State Association of Secondary School Principals President and the 2017 NSASSP Principal of the Year.

Brandon talks at length about uncovering the history of the Milford Eagles and how he’s trying to tell it going forward, using social media to share what’s going on inside Milford Public Schools.

He states, “There are pros and cons to any social media…but it’s not going away. You have got to teach responsibility in using social media…”

Brandon shares his excitement with Class Intercom and how his students are able to have a voice on Milford Public Schools social media platforms.

We are excited to share Brandon’s story and how he’s helping Milford share their story on social media.

Connect with Brandon:

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