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Episode 18: Engage in Your School’s Story Podcast with Ian Coon

Welcome to season 2, episode 18 of the Class Intercom Engage in Your School’s Story podcast! We are excited to share our interview with Ian Coon, a sophomore at Wartburg College. He is Director of Communications at Student Voice, a national non-profit strengthening the #StuVoice movement by empowering students to take action on issues that most impact their education.

Prior to, Ian co-founded the Iowa Student Learning Institute as a sophomore in high school. This organization is dedicated to revolutionizing student voice in Iowa.

Ian is passionate about sharing his voice in education to help provide an opportunity for other students to share theirs. He stresses the importance of using multimedia, such as podcasts and videos, to interact and involve students.

We are very excited to share our interview with Ian Coon as we share his story about empowering student’s voice online.

Connect with Ian through Student Voice:
Instagram: @Stu_voice
Twitter: @Stu_voice

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