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Episode 17: Engage in Your School’s Story Podcast with Brittany Mascio

Welcome to season 2, episode 17 of the Class Intercom Engage in Your School’s Story podcast! We are excited to share our interview with Brittany Mascio, Marketing Director and Storyteller at Nebraska Loves Public Schools, a Sherwood Foundation-funded documentary film project that showcases the good things happening in public schools.

Prior to, Brittany worked as the Event Director of Big Omaha, where she worked alongside startup entrepreneurs from across the world including the founders of DonorsChoose, Pinterest, Warby Parker, and many others.

Brittany talks about the importance of sharing rich narrative content on social media and how to get students involved as citizens in a digital world.

She touches on the ‘I Love Public Schools’ movement and their 30-minute film, ‘Standing Up To Poverty’ that shares big things happening in education, providing answers to some of the society’s deep problems.

Lastly, Brittany shares tips for content creators and how to better share your school’s story online.

We are very excited to share our interview with Brittany Mascio as we share her story as a storyteller in the public schools.

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