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Episode 16: Engage in You School’s Story Podcast with Sam Stecher


Welcome to season 2, episode 16 of the Class Intercom Engage in Your School’s Story podcast! We are excited to share our interview with Sam Stecher.

Sam is the Superintendent of East Butler Public Schools. He is a coauthor of It Happens In The Hallway and co-founder of Mission Monday; a movement that gives people ways to interact with the student, staff, and volunteers allowing everybody a way to engage in their school community.

He tells his story about getting started with social media and where a passion for education came from. He states, “Be a positive voice and move students in the direction we want to move.” He encourages teachers and superintendents to be digitally connected, reaching out to students through all channels.

We are excited to share our conversation with Sam and how he shares his school’s story on social media.

Connect with Sam online:

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