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Episode 14: Engage in Your School’s Story with Ben Pankonin

Welcome to season 2, episode 14 of the Engage in Your School’s Story podcast. Host Taylor Siebert has a special guest, Ben Pankonin of Lincoln, Nebraska. Ben is the founder of a few companies, including Social Assurance, which works with banks and their social media marketing, and one with your very own, Taylor Siebert, on Class Intercom. 

Ben shares his expertise on the new life of entrepreneurship and how to bring young people into this growing environment while touching on the importance of community and creating purposeful content.

Ben shares the backstory of Class Intercom, what it is and how it developed, and an inside to the relationship between Taylor and Ben.

We are excited to share our conversation with Ben and his expertise in the marketing and entrepreneurial world.

Connect with Ben online:

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