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It’s every educational institution’s responsibility to ensure that their districts and schools provide positive, welcoming and safe physical and virtual environments for everyone. With the Class Intercom platform, educational establishments can confidently tell their story and engage with students, parents, alumni and their communities. Class Intercom provides the social media management tools for educators to:

Collaborate on Social Content

Implementing a tool that allows users to create and collaborate on social content is key to every social workflow process. With Class Intercom, administrators, educators, and students can work together to draft, design, and schedule all upcoming social content.

Monitor and Control User Access

The Class Intercom platform enforces assigned user roles defining what each user is permitted to do on the app and social pages. This makes it an excellent controlled learning environment for students. One user may be given the ability to draft or schedule content, however, only administrator users can approve those posts to be published to the social sites. The structured process provided ensures the appropriate individuals are approving all social content shared on official district pages.

Social Activity Monitoring and Notifications

Once your social content is shared with the world, monitoring and responding to engagement is just as important as the original content you share. Class Intercom provides consolidated dashboard reporting and email notifications for all social engagement interactions on your page posts. This helps approved users and their teams review, respond to and sensor all post comments and engagement activity.

Provide Secure Sharing

With the controlled platform environment of Class Intercom, districts can have the peace of mind knowing that all social content is created and managed in a safe and secure environment. The additional functionality of monitoring and notifications ensures that all post engagement activity can be closely supervised. These processes and steps help provide the structure for a secure and thoughtful social sharing environment.

Social Education

Digital communications are a subject that has been or will be integrated into the curriculum of every educational institution. Class Intercom provides a structured environment that allows educators to teach students digital citizenship/leadership and professional social content management processes. Educators can confidently provide students with social learning opportunities in a safe and controlled environment. 

Central Dashboard

Class Intercom delivers an interactive dashboard that allows districts to manage every social page and account connected to the platform. Each of the social accounts is consolidated and accessible on the Class Intercom platform.

The dashboard additionally provides the ability to quickly add, remove and reauthenticate social media accounts and the users who login to them while maintaining high-security standards for password administration.

Content and Engagement Archiving

Keeping a history of all social content and interactions protects both the schools and students. Class Intercom offers full archival capabilities and search reporting for all social posts and engagement activity.

Engagement Escalations

In every educational environment, processes, policies, and practices should be established in managing and responding to any public social content. This includes addressing any potential post comments that may be of concern to educators or administrators. Class Intercom provides the capability to flag, document and internally discuss any post engagements. Processes can be defined for comment flags to be escalated to appropriate parties to be addressed. Each comment flag is additionally recorded and archived within the Class Intercom reporting tool.

Mobile Management

With Class Intercom, you can manage, create and respond to social content from anywhere. The Class Intercom mobile application makes it easy for content creators to develop timely content and administrators to approve content on the fly. It also provides moderators with the ability to respond to social comments from anywhere.

Social Reporting

For every social page, it is important to maintain the ability to report upon and evaluate your social content and engagement. With Class Intercom, administrators and users can access both summary and detailed level reports. The social reporting features are excellent for both administrative evaluation and educational opportunities for students to better comprehend the results of the social messaging and campaigns.

Education Opportunities

Digital media literacy is a valuable skill for students, particularly when it comes to social media. Knowing how to create social content, development engagement and manage professional social pages can provide students with a solid foundation and a head start in their future educational and professional endeavors. Class Intercom presents a structured environment where students and educators can collaborate and manage school, classroom, athletic and district social pages.

The Class Intercom platform allows students to develop content and manage school sanctioned social pages with the guidance of educators. Class Intercom permits students and educators to collaborate on social pages by:

  • Providing role based access to social pages. Students can create content with publishing limited to specific individuals or teachers.
  • Allowing for content review and editing. Teachers can review student created content and attach comments and deadlines for edits. Posts cannot be made public without specific approval.
  • Enabling social activity archiving that allows teachers to pull reports on content created by individual students for evaluation and performance reviews.
  • Presenting the ability for post activity and engagement review. Students can gather social page and post analytics that help them better understand the performance of social posts and pages.

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