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Taylor Seibert

Ben Pankonin

       Our Values

Give Teachers the Tools

One child, one teacher, one book and one pen can change the world. We believe the pen has changed.

Change the Paradigm

In the real-world, we don’t succeed and fail based on ovals and a #2 pencil. Let’s help students succeed with the tools they will need.

Students Should be Heroes in Our Communities

When the community can connect with the real stories of the next generation, they will be as impressed as we are. Formed with the vision that Social Media is a key tool in education, founders, Taylor Siebert and Ben Pankonin brought together expertise from education and marketing technology backgrounds. Striv, founded by Taylor Siebert provides a platform for students to communicate and the community to view and interact with student content. Social Assurance serves financial institutions, managing social and digital content, while providing security and compliance benefits. This background, combined with a team with backgrounds in education, marketing and technology are passionate about helping the social media generation to be the generation of a future we are excited about.

Product Story

Students face an uphill battle with negativity, bullying and colossal wastes of time in social media. Educators face an equally daunting task after warning students of social media dangers. Class Intercom helps recover trust by making students the authors of social content for their school, while giving educators the tools to control publishing of social content.